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Since 2002, wEntity has been delivering full cycle software development services to worldwide customers. wEntity is an expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile applications offering a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, effective methodology and passion for IT.


Our team of software and app developers as well as business and marketing experts works closely with your business, every step of the way. Technology Consulting, Software Prototyping, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Application Integration, Software QA and Testing, Maintenance and Support, Mobile App Development Services, Team Extension


We help companies to support and refine high-level business processes that involve different departments, applications and data sources and requires straight-through processing, seamless data interchange and integrated business rules execution. Java Business Integration, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Open ESB, IBM Websphere, Mule ESB, Apache Camel, Apache CXF, Apache ServiceMix, Liferay, WebLogic Portal, jBOSS Portal


Our technology expertise empowers us to deliver software development services and solutions, which ensure your improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, and project risks mitigation. Java Expertise, .NET Expertise, PHP Expertise, Frontend Expertise, iOS Expertise, Android Expertise, Cross-Platform Mobile Expertise

wEntity Development Services

Technology Consulting

IT Consulting Services help businesses develop a competitive advantage by providing assistance and guidance to allow business owners better understand and leverage the potential of information technologies and enable them to make informed decisions for their businesses at every stage of the business life cycle. Our technological expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes let us tackle each complex situation that the business will encounter during each stage of the business life cycle. The main goal and expected result of such engagements is business operations optimization, better cost and resource efficiency.

Cloud Computing

Our team delivers custom multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS solutions that achieve high levels of concurrent access and allow your web-based business to innovate quickly and scale indefinitely to meet customer demand. We make use of third-party self-scaling IaaS cloud systems to guarantee that your app has advanced network performance and automated on-demand resource scaling. We opt for cloud-enabled microservices to ensure that your application enjoys frequent deployment, at the same time eliminating any long-term commitment to a technology stack and organizing independent development efforts around your business capabilities and priorities. Our team opts for private cloud deployments in scenarios where enterprises need strong control over secure environments. We utilize hybrid clouds to let businesses retain control of environments while sending non-critical workloads to a public cloud. We chose public cloud deployments when workloads demand little in-house management and seamless scalability with no latency issues in Azure, Amazon, Apprenda, Rackspace, Heroku, Google Engine and Open Shift.

Software Development

wEntity is a full-cycle software product development (SPD) service provider and supports you at any stage of your product evolution – from a mere idea to product implementation, support and maintenance. You have an idea that has to be implemented and delivered to the market. We will help you identify the required budget, assign the team and integrate it properly with your Product Management and Marketing teams. To maximize the product's value for the customer within the budget frames. Apply process frameworks focused on business value maximization (SCRUM and others). You have a partially completed product. It requires to be finished under tight deadlines, while documentation may be incomplete or not available at all, some source code may be missing. We will analyze what you have, assess product completeness level realistically and provide you with a plan to finish your product.

Enterprise Application Integration

wEntity helps companies to support and refine high-level business processes that involve different departments, applications and data sources. We provide a full range of integration services that enable our customers to accelerate business processes, eliminate ineffective routine operations, verify data validity and consistency across data warehouses, applications and geographical locations. We provide a set of pre-project services to ensure a clear integration vision, transparent budget and deliverables, optimal technology choice and security concepts. For large businesses that require end-to-end integration across dozens of automated processes and procedures, wEntity offers a full-cycle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation. We enable service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on the most up-to-date open-source and proprietary technologies. Hub-and-spoke Integration a suitable and cost-effective solution for SMBs and can be easily scaled and transformed to an ESB solution as your business grows. Point-to-point Integration and Ad Hoc Solutions sucha as custom API integration, custom database connectors development, custom middleware development, customization and re-engineering of existing applications and frameworks to enable integration

Mobile App Development Services

Picking the right approach to mobile app development is a critical success factor that can make or break your project. wEntity’s mobile app developers typically use an agile, low-risk mobile development methodology that has a proven success record and ensures rapid results and 100% visibility. wEntity’s talent pool of mobile app developers includes highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers who are well-versed in building apps for all the major platforms — whether it’s iOS, Android, or both. Apps can be developed natively, or by using cross-platform frameworks like React Native and platforms such as PhoneGap or Xamarin.

Software QA and Testing

wEntity's independent Quality Assurance allows for better control of the quality of the application, makes the evaluation of the product’s compliance with the original requirements easy and fast and provides an insight to the product’s convenience for end-users.

Maintenance and Support

We deliver professional maintenance and support services to reduce your software system TCO and ensure continuous improvements and optimization. wEntity can enhance, re-engineer or customize your solution, tackling minor and major issues that trouble or hamper system performance and functionality. This service enables facilitated updates & releases management to ensure that your system or application stays in line with the latest technology, ahead of competition. Adaptive maintenance delivered by the wEntity’s team ensures that your software and hardware work stably and reliably in the new, altered environment.

Team Extension

wEntity brings together innovation, technology and talent to set up highly productive teams extending your company’s capacity. We offer you a time-proven, individually adjusted cooperation strategy for a win-win result. By offering on-demand staff augmentation, wEntity empowers companies with their own in-house IT teams and established processes, methodologies and tools to satisfy ad hoc demand in extra resources and domain-specific expertise. wEntity builds professional full-time dedicated software development teams based on ready-to-use IT infrastructure to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT project. We set up dedicated teams adept at guiding your proprietary software product through a series of releases, providing multi-level end user support and evolutionary functionality enhancement in line with your long-term product development planning.

Software Prototyping

Software system prototyping is a perfect choice for refining functionality, detecting potential issues and setting right priorities. This check verifies that workflows run smoothly and are user-friendly before investing into the development. Avoid requirement misunderstandings or communication barriers before they turn into unexpected losses. Prototyping guarantees that you pay for the features you need and that they perform exactly the way you need. Prototyping is an excellent opportunity to protect your software development investments by setting accurate goals and predictable as well as realistic deliverable schedules.



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